• Dr. Rumack is a wonderful pediatric dentist. I only wish she treated adults too, because I wouldn’t dread going to the dentist if it was to see her! My three children, ages 6, 10, and 12, have been going to Dr. Rumack for almost two years. She is by far the best dentist for children I have ever been to or could possibly imagine. My children don’t mind going to the dentist because the staff is wonderful, there are TVs with Netflix at every chair. The office is also ‘green’ and totally computerized. The Xray equipment is state-of-the-art low radiation and much safer for my kids too! Dr. Rumack is so incredibly warm and gentle that they and I inherently trust her with their care. In fact, two of my children needed baby teeth pulled, and both were extremely nervous and apprehensive about it. In both cases, Dr. Rumack was so kind and gentle, and so concerned with their comfort over everything else, that they both actually had a very positive experience having teeth pulled! There was no pain for either of them, as she so carefully managed their pain through various treatments and through her kind words and concern. They were both shocked how easy the experience was! I really feel that as a mom and as a wonderfully caring human being – and as a great dentist – she has my children’s best interests at heart. I’m so glad we have her taking care of their teeth.

    Stephanie C.
  • I have been taking my twin daughters to Dr. Rumack since they were 2 and they are now 7. Dr. Rumack is so gentle, sweet and very thorough in taking care if their dental hygiene.

    Over the years we have visited her quite a few times for different issues. And her compassion and making the girls feel comfortable is why we love her. Because she is a mother herself she understands how to approach kids and make them feel comfortable when either filling a cavity, pulling a tooth out or just simply cleaning their teeth. Her office is so beautiful and kid friendly that my girls look forward to going to see her. We look forward to many more years together.

    Natalie B.
  • A quote from my 8 year old…. “Momma, Dr. Elena’s office is better than going to the movies, they let me lay down & watch my favorite shows. I think I should go there once a week, like dance class, it will be good for me.” Now what kid LOVES going to the dentist? One that is a patient at Calabasas Pediatric Dentistry, that’s who!

    As a parent I will bend over backwards & drive miles away (as I do) to know that my daughter is getting the best treatment, in a caring atmosphere where the patient comes first. Dr. Elena Rumack is this & so much more, her staff is very professional. They take a moment to make a personal connection, making parents know we are special to them & the business is appreciated, you’re not just a file in this office. The office is amazingly designed with under the sea paintings, pillow pets at each chair; there is even a treasure chest. The technology in the office is above & beyond with digital x-rays that are instantly downloaded to your child’s file & Netflix (yes, Netflix) above each dental chair so kid’s can enjoy a show while forgetting they are at the dentist. Dr. Rumack’s gentle touch works like magic somehow giving painless shots; after all she is the Tooth Fairy!!
    I could not be happier to be part of this dental family, because that is truly how they make you feel.

    Apryll G.
  • As the mother of an autistic child, I understand the challenges families face in finding excellent dental care. When we came to Dr. Rumack, my son’s treatment plan was extensive and we were considering general anesthesia. That all changed after the initial visit. Dr. Rumack’s sensitivity and brilliant communication immediately put my son at ease. With her support, he was able to complete the entire treatment plan in two appointments with no general anesthesia. Now he looks forward to going to the dentist! This has made such a positive impact on our lives and we are truly grateful to have found Dr. Rumack. She is simply the best.

    Holly H.
  • I have only the best things to say about Dr. Elena and her whole staff. I have 3 children, and going to the dentist hasn’t been a very positive experience for our family in the past, but Dr. Elena demonstrated amazing patience, warmth, dedication and professionalism. I could tell she treated my children the way she would want her own children to be treated. Dr. Elena has laid the foundation for a relationship that can only get better with time. I want all my children to grow into adulthood and not dread going to the dentist. Dr. Elena has set the standard very high for pediatric dentistry.

    MARA B.

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